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custom action handlers not being accepted?

Question asked by esource on Jul 21, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2010 by lamba
in web-client-config-custom.xml, I created my own action-handlers entry:

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Action Wizards">
<handler name="add-features" class="com.custom.action.handler.AddFeaturesHandler" />

But when I try to retrieve it in code, I don't get back com.custom.action.handler.AddFeaturesHandler like I would expect, but instead get the default
org.alfresco.web.bean.actions.handlers.AddFeaturesHandler.  It seems almost as if web-client-config-custom.xml is not replacing the default.  What's going on?

         ConfigService svc = Application.getConfigService(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance());
         Config wizardCfg = svc.getConfig("Action Wizards");
         if (wizardCfg != null)
            ConfigElement actionHandlerCfg = wizardCfg.getConfigElement("action-handlers");
            if (actionHandlerCfg != null)
               this.actionHandlers = new HashMap<String, IHandler>(20);
               // instantiate each handler and store in the map
               for (ConfigElement child : actionHandlerCfg.getChildren())
                  String actionName = child.getAttribute("name");
                  String handlerClass = child.getAttribute("class");