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Search not working in Share

Question asked by braiam on Jul 21, 2010
Hello guys

Well, this is very strange. I was working with alfresco explorer and alfresco share, and suddenly, alfresco share search is not working. I noticed it because I am querying alfresco through its web services, and the query results were working so good, but now no results are being returned. To check if it was an alfresco problem, I did searches in Share, and surprisingly I am getting no results.

After that I've tried the following with no success.

- reindex lucene indexes (
- remove java, reinstall java
- make a clean install of alfresco, and upload new files
- remove and reinstall openoffice

Looking at the log, I can see that at startup, imagemagick is saying that it cant find something like pdf2swf, but nothing else. Doing the search writes nothing to the log.

I'm using Ubuntu 9.04, Alfresco 3.2 and 3.3

Please guys, what should I take a look to make Alfresco Share and Web services search work?

Thank you