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Rules and user permissions

Question asked by vassilisx on Sep 22, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2012 by afaust
Hello everyone,

I am testing the rules in folders and I came across the following problem:

Say I use a rule to a folderA for a contributor (userA) to submit a document for review. This rule would move the document to folderB and notify userB (site manager) to review it. In order for the rule to work, userA must have at least contributor rights in folderB (else you get an error that the rule cannot be applied because the document cannot move to this folder).

The document indeed is moved to folderB and userB is indeed notified via email. Yet (and this is my problem) userA, being a contributor to folderB, has adequate permissions to view the contents of folderB and even run the rule applied to this folder to approve the document! (which only userB is supposed to be able to do).

How do I restrict the rule in folderB so that only userB can run it?