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Registering Custom Rendition, Retrieve with ContentGet

Question asked by pjaromin on Sep 22, 2012
I would like to add a link to "Download Proof" to certain PDF documents in the repository. The "proof" (produced through a custom transformation engine) would ideally be a rendition that could be retrieved with the built-in "ContentGet" streaming webscript, with the "streamId" parameter set to something like "proof".

So I've read and have created my own Java RenderEngine class, bootstrapped in the spring context.

What I'm trying to work out now is the best/preferred/simplest way to:

* Create the initial "proof" rendition upon node creation, or upon first request
* Bind it appropriately so that it automatically re-renders whenever the content of the node changes.
* Download it using the built-in ContentGet streaming web script.

I've written numerous bevhaviours and aspects in Java and understand the policy bindings. But it sounds like, from reading the docs, that I should be able to essentially configure most of this to happen through XML configuration?

Or should I write my own behavior that updates the rendition?