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Emailing into space with attachments

Question asked by bweiss on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by bweiss
I have discovered what I believe to be a bug in the logic handling receipt of emailed attachments into a space.  I am using community 3.2r on Ubuntu 9.04.

The error occurs when an e-mail is received with multiple attachments and the attachments have the same name.  This happens on occasion by accident (the user attaches the same file twice) and on some cases when a threaded and forwarded e-mail is sent to Alfresco from someone who uses an image in their signature line.  Alfresco rejects the e-mail fairly unceremoniously.  The error log indicates a duplicate child name exception.

The desired behavior would be to rename the duplicate file.

Is there a setting I have missed to help handle this?  Can others confirm this as a bug?