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Removing Unnecessary Services from Alfresco for Integration

Question asked by pramodkhare on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by mitpatoliya
Hi, Currently we are trying to integrate Alfresco with our EJB-Hibernate Application, we want to use alfresco for Document Management purpose only, and in future if we need we will add collaboration and FTP/Webdav implementation.

So, We are currently trying to integrate alfresco using Alfresco Core Foundation API.

So I want to know more information about different Spring Context XML Files, do we have any documentation related to those, saying which context files are for which functionality or may be contain which beans, like that (as there are so many context xml files and we need to check that is there any cross-reference of spring beans, then only we can comment out that xml file's import).

So, What I want was, can we only take Document management ability/functionality of alfresco, may be by commenting out spring beans which are not related to DM, and still in future, if we need other capabilities of Alfresco we can re-enable them, by un-commenting, these beans/context-xmls.

So any reply is appreciated.
Please tell me what should be my approach.