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RM installation in Solaris 10

Question asked by erajmehra on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2010 by wertywig
Hi all,

I installed alfresco 3.3g on Solaris 10 and the DM module runs smoothly. After this, I tried to get RM added - which installed nicely and I verified this by listing the installed components on alfresco.war and share.war. Now the problem is - when I restarted alfresco after the RM install - I found out that the permission subsystem was broken. I have no idea how did this happen.

I hope someone who has experience of installing RM on Solaris can shed some light on this. I am quite perplexed - because the same process on any other OS goes smoothly. Also I did the installation twice - just to check if the problem occurs after installing RM or for some other reason - but both time - the problem occurred exactly after installing RM.

Any help.

Thanks in advance.