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Integrate Only DM from Alfresco

Question asked by pramodkhare on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by pramodkhare
I have a question, we are doing POC (Proof of Concept) for Alfresco integration with our application and we will be using Alfresco only for Document Management purpose and nothing else.

And we will be developing our own UI for Alfresco DM, so we will connect/integrate with Alfresco Foundation API.

So can anyone tell me if this is possible directly to take DM only from Alfresco for Embedded Alfresco Deployment/Integration, or (a harder way) remove/comment out all other-than DM related Spring beans and their references from config xml files.

Why we want to do this is —> non-DM related implementation in Alfresco and their dependency jars are making our application's EAR size beyond 200MB and that not only will affect maven compiling and building of total code and development of future code and publishing time of EAR in JBoss is in 15 -20 mins range.

In case anyone has previously tried this, please suggest.