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Cannot browse categories in alfreso share repo browser[SOLVE

Question asked by syedasim66 on Jul 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2010 by syedasim66
We've created our custom categories for document classification. I can see the categories in alfresco explorer. If I add the classifiable aspect I can click select and browse all the categories as normal in alfresco explorer assign it to document as well. In share I can click select and browser through categories and assign them to the document.

alfresco 3.3g

Problem Behavior.
if I click repository browser in alfresco share, I can see the top-level categories but upon click them I cannot drill down the categories or in other words child-categories of top-level categories are not appearing except the "Languages" Category, the only default category (we've deleted the rest and created our own custom categories).

Expected Behavior.
I should be able to browser through categories as I can with alfresco explorer and I can also select (browse) the categories in category selector in alfresco share.