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Direct access to a folder on Share

Question asked by rodrigoa on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by davidcognite
Hi everyone,

One request that was made is that one button brings in Share rather than Explorer. I searched for several hours how, without success. I did not find how to build a URL using the node ID (example: 489bcbad-464c-43c8-a2c2-7c21f08bdc0dg).

The only way I've found to be the way it is by CMIS (the workbench), with the property cmis: path.

But the other problem is authentication. The script fetches the current session ticket and returns the URL to Explorer by adding? Ticket = XXXXX. If I try to add? Ticket = XXX (where? Alf_ticket I tried both), it does not pass, Share me authenticate request.

Is there a way to use a ticket with Share? I did several searches on Google, without success, hence my request.

Thank you very much,