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SSL and community-edition-3.3.png partially encrypted

Question asked by utiba_kellyr on Jul 24, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2010 by utiba_kellyr
Hi All,

I have been searching for this one without being able to find an answer so there maybe a easy solution that is evading me.
My problem is in Alfresco community-edition-3.3.png links to (similar with share) but I am using SSL and due to the image going to a http site it causes an error of "Page Partially Encrypted" If I block images from it shows fully encrypted.

Is there a way to change the logo URL to be a https instead of a http to avoid these error messages that end users are troubled about clicking though (as it says some of the details on the page are unencrypted)

I have searched for this link but I am assuming its hard coded somewhere (as my research only uncovers SVN repository answers)

I am happy with the logo remaining there I just want the site to show its secure, at the moment I am lost for idea unless I edit the code myself but this seemed to be a bad idea for upgrading as it would have to be constantly edited.

Thanks in advance,