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Paid-Project: Public URL for external file distribution

Question asked by aantonop on Jul 24, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2011 by jhenn
I have posted the following "job" on ( and I'm looking for paid developers to develop this feature. Once developed I will release the result back to the community.

We would like to create a plugin for Alfresco 3.2 and above that allows a user with the right permissions to create a public-download URL.

The functionality will be similar to a "" or other service, it will create URLs the way tinyurl or does. It will allow our employees to send large files to people without emailing the file, send a URL instead where people can securely download from our Alfresco. It will do this without giving them access to anything else on Alfresco and without showing them the Alfresco login or other parts of the system.

So for example:

User puts a file in a specific directory for public distribution
User presses a button or runs an action on the file
User can choose an expiration date and a multiple number of downloads
User is given an encrypted URL (like
The User can now share this URL with an *external* person/company
The external person can use the URL to download the file *without* logging in to Alfresco or having an account
The system only allows the use of the URL up to the expiry date and download count
The file is deleted from the directory once the URL expires

The plugin must be secure so that it is impossible to download a file outside the specific directory, impossible to guess a URL, impossible to use it after expiry.


If you are interested in the outcome of this project, post a follow up or follow this thread. If you want to bid to develop this plugin, use  (