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User deleted mysteriously & phantom admin user

Question asked by erwincwj on Sep 26, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by erwincwj
Hello there,

We are currently trying out Alfresco Share (community edition 4.0) to see if it fits our companies needs and have encountered a few issues as below:

1) In the course of our usage, we found that some users e.g. user A cannot log in after a while. Our initial suspicion was incorrect password was provided. However, when another user e.g. user B logs into the same site, we see the comment "modified 1 week ago by user A(deleted user)" under documents that were previously uploaded by user A. Admin has definitely not deleted the user and we are not sure why this occur.    :?:

2) Another issue that has arise is that we are no longer able to log into admin of the tenant (probably due to the multi tenant issue), however we still see comments e.g. "Modified about a day ago by CMMI Administrator". There is only one admin and admin is no longer able to log in hence it puzzles us why these comments will still show. :shock:

I have done a search on the matter but to no avail. Any feedback and comments is much appreciated.