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Display custom classification in Webclient sidebar

Question asked by ganmaku on Jul 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by ganmaku
Hi Team,

I am using Alfresco 3.2 Community edition.

I have created new classification along with categories in the categories.xml.

Alfresco Web Client sidebar displays the list of categories of generalclassifiable and my requirement is to display the list of categories defined for my custom classification.

For that, I checked and found out jsp/sidebar/category-browser.jsp is responsible for categories population.

<r:categoryBrowser id="category-browser">

The class pertaining to above tag is "org.alfresco.web.ui.repo.tag.CategoryBrowserTag" and
no fruitful information that I got when I checked the above class file.

Could you please tell me whether it is feasible to resolve my requirement or not?

Thanks in advance.