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CmisSync 0.1 released

Question asked by nicolasraoul on Sep 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2012 by nicolasraoul
Hi all,

I just released CmisSync 0.1.
CmisSync keeps your local files in sync with your Alfresco server, a bit like Dropbox.

Video tutorial that shows how it works:

It is pretty much like Alfresco Desktop Sync, with a few differences: CmisSync…

  • … is only one-way sync (server to local)

  • … is less polished

  • … syncs at regular intervals

  • … has source code available (as far as I understand, Alfresco Desktop Sync is also open source, but the source is not available yet)
In fact, we would be really interested in collaborating with the Alfresco Desktop Sync team :-)

Nicolas Raoul