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Question asked by ms-septa on Jul 26, 2010
Currently we have Alfresco installed without the ability to use a server-side language or server-side database.
Our forms generate .xml and .html (and sometimes .shtml) pages.

When we want to create 'dynamic' pages we have to create a web form and add multiple .ftls to create the pages (I.E. 'mobile_events_01.ftl','events_list.xsl', and 'events_01.ftl'). If we want content to appear in three separate folders, then we have three different web forms and have to approve all three files upon editing/updating.

We have a form called 'general_01' that is very basic (Sub-header, body) all unbounded. We recently engaged in creating a mobile version of the website and want to grab content from some pages
generated by this 'general_01' form.

Now we can't just add a bunch of .ftls because then whenever 'general_01' is used it generates a brand new page (and it's used everywhere). We just want the ability to grab certain content from 'page1.html' and include it dynamically in 'page2.html'.

So, let's say I have a page created by the 'general_01' form and I have three body sections with various content in each. The one body content section has important dates and times that we want to include in the mobile page but not the other content blocks. Is there a way to scrape or include that data on another page without creating a new web form for each category?

Also, if a local database is required we have SQL Server 2003 but are not sure how to attach it to our current installation of Alfresco.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.