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user authenticaton info by pop-up dialog is being used

Question asked by pmverma on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by pmverma
Hi Gurus,

I have a problem with my alfresco users (session or any other).
Here is what and how.
1. User1 login and go to workflow start page. But he do not started for about an hour and session get time out (he is still on this page).
2. He click "Start Workflow" button, and localhost pop-up a dialog for authentication.
3. He enter the authentications for "User2" but not his username and password.
4. So, workflow is started by User2.
5. He log out.He do not close the browser.
6. User3 login and successfully starts a workflow. but a great problem here.
    This recently started workflow is internally done by "User2" that previously authenticated.
    It does not appear on the workflow list started user 3 but instead it appears in User2's list.
7. User3 log out and User4 login and start a workflow. this also show in user2 started workflow list but not in user4.

One another non-clear to me. I tried and test about some hour but not clear yet.
Sometimes User1 get log out automatically just after authenticated as in step 3,in this case workflow successfully created message is not shown,but workflows get started ( by pop-up dialog authenticated user => User2  ) just before getting log out.

And sometimes User1 directed to User1 workflow started list page. In this case, workflow successfully started message is displayed and
directed to his workflow started list but he will not find his just recently started workflow.

But in both cases the workflow is being internally started by User2.

Thus, I want to show login screen instead of "user authentication" pop-up dialog. Because I think the user authenticated via pop-dialog is being used until we clear browser's cache manually.

Thank you in advance.