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Q about Online Document View and Edit Feature

Question asked by silverhoof on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2012 by mikeh
1. How does alfresco support online view of office document?
The alfresco share seems to have feature to show office document and pdf document using flash technology. But when I try to view some big pdf and a small excel file, the flash hang without any output. What's happened? Is there any configuration to do to correct this?

2. Does alfresco support online editing of office document?

3. How to configure alfresco to work with windows 7 and office 2010?
I followed the instruction of the document to change registry value, but when I try to create an sharepoint workspace, it still tell me sharepoint does not allow non-SSL connection. After I followed the instruction and setting up alfresco share to support SSL connection (port 8443) and setup vti service to use SSL,I tried to create sharepoint workspace using "https://localhost:7070/alfresco", the non-SSL connection warning go away but it end up with a server side NullPointException.

4. Alfresco mobile application document preview
Alfresco mobile application is for apple ipad and iphone, these device do not support flash technology.
So does it possible for user who use mobile application to view pdf or office document?