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How to get content into and out of Alfresco?

Question asked by stefanaalten on Jul 27, 2010
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How do I get content  into and out of my content management system?

Recently started looking at CMS's for my personal site (at, produced using FrontPage, containing around 700 pages of mostly static HTML). I first tried Joomla! and am now looking at Alfresco (dl'd Community Edition 3.3, but not yet installed). I'd like to "host" and edit the site locally on my laptop (e.g. on XAMPP) and transfer to my web host from time to time (preferably back-and-forth).

My main concern is how to get my content easily "into" and "out of" Alfresco. For Joomla! I can't seem to find an automated way of doing this and the only answers provided on the Joomla! forums are … get this! … manual copy-and-paste! If it was just plain text, maybe I'd consider it, but I have 700 articles of formatted text on my "live" site and another 1000 articles as Word docs. In both cases just using very simple formatting - italics, bullets - with inserted pictures, and recreating that … well … I'd rather not go there.

Does Alfresco provide a facility to import/upload content? From simple static HTML? From Word or Rich Text? Or something else?

I also want to avoid getting totally tied into Alfresco so want to ensure I can easily get my content back out - how and in what formats can I get my content out again?

I have searched the forums and could not find any relevant threads.

It just seems like such an obvious thing to do - after all, that's "content" and what else is a content management system for?  :wink:

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.