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Remove accounts from NTLM

Question asked by dranakan on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by dranakan

We want to remove some accounts from NTLM in Alfresco.

Before an installation was configured to use only accounts from OpenLdap. The synchronisation was not enable.
To create a user in this environnement,  we add a user inside Alfresco and set a password (ie : 1234) (Another IT staff created the user in OpenLdap). We configure some spaces for this user in Alfreco. When this user access Alfresco, his password was not 1234 but the password from the OpenLdap. (because the authentification chain was only for OpenLdap)

Now we want to use the NTLM authentification (+OpenLdap) for some others accounts but we don't want that the users can use the 1234 password. Can we remove some account only in NTLM ?

Using the node browser (with store "user://alfrescoUserStore"), should I remove this accounts from here ?

Alfresco is in 32r2 and will be upgrade to 4.0d.

Thank you.