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Alfresco Share 3.3g - Document Preview Issue

Question asked by jamied66 on Jul 28, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2010 by chandu7ee
I just installed Alfresco Share 3.3g, and I'm working out all of the kinks.  I think this is the last thing I can see.  In Share, when I click on a document library, it shows up normally.  When I click on a document it comes up fine.  I can see the document preview.  However the zoom function just pixelates and becomes unreadable.

I'm assuming Alfresco is using ImageMagick to render the previews.  I'm using

[root@alfresco_prod ~]# rpm -qa ImageMagick

Are there additional libraries needed outside of ImageMagick's dependencies (or something entirely seperate?) needed for this to work properly?

Thanks for all the help.  So far we are pretty impressed with how Alfresco ogranizes and presents information.

-Jamie Duncan