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updateDelay not forcing recompile of modified FTLs

Question asked by tarh33l on Jul 28, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2010 by mikeh
Hi everyone,
      I'm developing some FTLs in Share and finally got fed up with having to bounce the webapp for each change I made. I started digging into this and found the following lines in "custom-slingshot-application-context.xml":

   <bean id="webframework.webscripts.templateprocessor.freemarker" class="org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.processor.FTLTemplateProcessor">
      <property name="searchPath" ref="webframework.webscripts.searchpath" />
      <property name="defaultEncoding"><value>UTF-8</value></property>
      <property name="updateDelay"><value>1</value></property>     
      <property name="templateProcessorRegistry" ref="webframework.webscripts.registry.templateprocessor" />

   <bean id="webframework.templates.templateprocessor.freemarker" class="org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.processor.FTLTemplateProcessor">
      <property name="searchPath" ref="webframework.templates.searchpath" />
      <property name="defaultEncoding"><value>UTF-8</value></property>
      <property name="updateDelay"><value>1</value></property>
      <property name="templateProcessorRegistry" ref="webframework.templates.registry.templateprocessor" />

I've changed "updateDelay" from the default of "0" to "1". This is supposed to tell the template processor to look for modified FTLs every second. Unfortunately, this is not working in Share (3.3.1). Does anyone know why this is the case? If not, is there an alternative way of forcing a refresh on modified FTLs (without a server restart)?

- Terence