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Question asked by srinivasmurty on Jul 28, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2010 by komal.masood
I decided to create a new thread for this problem since the other thread is more focused on other kinds of Share customizations. My problem is simple:

1. I want to show my own logo at the Share login page as well as a new logo for the user's dashboard view.
2. In order to do this, I took the easy route which involved replacing the existing logo.png and app-logo.png files with my own. I did this in the "default" theme's "images" folder.
3. My problem was that my Alfresco Share was deployed using a ".war" (presumably on an OS pre-packaged with Tomcat). So I expanded the 'war', made the file replacements and then recreated the 'war' and replaced the older one.
4. I also restarted the tomcat6 service in my Ubuntu system.
5. I still keep getting the old logo (the default Alfresco logo).

In another Alfresco implementation which was a pre-configured bundle with Tomcat, I did the same process and it worked. But there I went to the "themes" folder and did all the changes. No 'war' file was extracted or created. I understand that I am taking a major shortcut and would be better off creating my own theme. But I don't understand why it's not working.