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Sharepoint and office 2007 !!

Question asked by abdelali7891 on Jul 29, 2010

After a full installation of Alfresco 3.3g on my Windows XP SP3 (port 8081)

the web client works very well http://localhost:8081/alfresco
the share market as well http://localhost:8081/share

by cons I have a problem when trying to create a Workspace using sharepointprotocole (in Office Word 2007)

VTI module has started successfully, and in debug mode (below the contents of the log after an attempt of creation of space)

    17:01:04,474 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiFilter] Checking request for VTI or not
    17:01:04,474 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiFilter] Check authentication
    17:01:04,474 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiFilter] Checking user ticket
    17:01:04,490 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.handler.alfresco.DefaultAuthenticationHandler] Ticket was validated
    17:01:04,490 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] Process request
    17:01:04,490 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] Find appropriate action by specific rules
    17:01:04,490 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] Specific rule not found
    17:01:04,490 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] Find appropriate action by pattern for uri='/_vti_bin/dws.asmx'
    17:01:04,490 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] Action found for request
    17:01:04,490 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] Execute target action
    17:01:04,490 DEBUG [] SOAP method with name CreateDws is started.
    17:01:04,505 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.handler] Resolved file info for '' is FileInfo[name=Sites, isFolder=true, nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/81334831-862b-452f-95d4-a9f68a960d3e]
    17:01:04,505 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.handler.alfresco.v3.ShareUtils] Trying to create site with name: SPPe. URL: http://benzakour:8080/alfresco/s/api/sites?alf_ticket=TICKET_ecf1d65805474a5329ae9b1298d0872f940d2cc3
    17:01:05,505 DEBUG [org.alfresco.module.vti.handler.alfresco.v3.ShareUtils] Fail to create site with name: SPPe. Message: Connection reset

Below is the error that I received from Microsoft Office  "Unable to complete the action. For more information, contact your site administrator or try again later."


PS: I also tried again with the address http://localhost:7070/alfresco and http://localhost:7070 and still have the same message.

any idea ?