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Disallowing Create Site for specific users

Question asked by bengrah on Jul 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by jpotts
Hi all.

I want to give the ability to Create Sites in Alfresco Share to certain users, and disable it for most others. I thought I could do this by going to the Company Home space on Alfresco Explorer and adding a small group of users with Consumer privileges. After this, I logged into Alfresco Share as one of the users with Consumer privileges, and created a site. Obviously this is a user who I don't want to have the ability to create a site.

So I'm asking is there another way to do this? I assumed that Create Site link in Alfresco was the same (or at least something similar) to the Create Space option in Alfresco Explorer (only set up to create a folder in a specific place, AlfrescoExplorer/CompanyHome/Sites), which is why I'm a bit confused as to how I was able to do it. Anyone have any suggestions?