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Installing Alfresco CE on my web host

Question asked by stefanaalten on Jul 29, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2010 by mikeh

How do I go about installing Alfresco CE 3.3g on my Linux web host? I generally only have access to my web host system via a web-based control panel. I also have command-line access (using Putty) but I have no idea what to type, and don't have X11 (I guess I'd know it if I had!)

I have managed to establish that my web host system is running Linux (but don't know which variant/version), JDK 1.5, MySQL 5, PHP 5.

Does Alfresco run on that? The "Installing Alfresco on Red Hat Linux" instructions indicate Red Hat Linux + JDK 6.

My local system is my Windows XP laptop. I have successfully installed Alfresco CE locally and what I'd like to do is transfer my site back-and-forth between my localhost system and my web host system from time to time.

Many thanks for any help with this.