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User Deletion Question

Question asked by rhoefer on Jul 30, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2010 by rhoefer
I've currently got Alfresco 3.3g setup to use alfrescoNtlm as well as ldap. Here's my authentication chain:

I made a few local users that are not in LDAP to test with and when the next LDAP sync occured some of the users were deleted.
Here's what I saw in the logs.

12:45:08,888 INFO  [] ldap1 Authority Deletion: Commencing batch of 3 entries
12:45:09,749 INFO  [] ldap1 Authority Deletion: Processed 3 entries out of 3. 100%
complete. Rate: 3 per second. 0 failures detected.

Some of the users that were created were deleted but not others. The remaining users created locally are not duplicated in ldap.