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'My Home' in Share

Question asked by abruzzi on Jul 31, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by mmtman
I love the repo browser in share.  It brings share one step closer to being usable for us (we need to use one or the other, our users aren't savvy enough to use both.) The problem is getting them to their home folders. (again our users are bottom rung on the tech scale.)  Has anyone tried to implement something like explorer's "My Home" for the repo browser?

I'm thinking I would want two things.  First would be a second tree immediately under the "Repository" tree labeled "My Home" with root set to /Company Home/User Homes/username.

Second would be a top bar menu item between people and repository that would bring up the same repository page, but target the tree containing the /Company Home/User Homes/username tree instead.

Anyone done any work on this, or have any thoughts?

That, plus workflows in 3.4 and we should be able to migrate to share.