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Timezone error with Share RSS Feed Entries

Question asked by cszamudio on Jul 31, 2010

I've discovered that the RSS feeds I've created from the Share Site Documents library (using Alfresco 3.3g) have entries in the XMLfeed file that are specified with an incorrect timezone.  My timezone is PST and the entries are listed as GMT, however the Date/Time of the document is correct.  From the Share web interface the documents show the correct PST Date/Time, so I don't believe it's a general configuration issue. I'm wondering if the RSS feed generator has an error in specifying the correct timezone. Has anyone noticed this?  (This appears to be a new issue, as the 3.2r2 release didn't have this issue).

If no one responds I'll open a Jira.

Also, amazingly, the RSS feed entries are listed in alphabetical order, not chronologically, so you always need to go through the entire list of entries to discover any recent additions. (-:

Carlos S. Zamudio