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Where to find the Alfresco repository root certificate

Question asked by chrisokelly on Oct 5, 2012
Hi all,

We are running Alfresco 4.0.e community here and will soon deploy to production. One of the holdups is getting it to run on every workstation without an ssl warning.

The situation is, we were able to have our commercial certificate added to the chain using mod_jk in apache but couldn't get Alfresco to run without using it's own repository certificate (This is a separate issue I have already done to death in the forums. At this point we have basically accepted we cannot resolve it and are attempting a workaround). As a result when a user accesses share from a new workstation/browser, they get a warning about an invalid certificate. We have decided to simply install the root certificate for the repository to our workstations so that users will not see the message within the office.

I copied the ca.crt certificate from ALFRESCO_HOME/alf_data/keystore to my workstation and installed it in firefox, but I still get the security warning on accessing the site, so I suppose it is a different certificate.

Is anyone able to suggest where to find this? I'm not sure it will help much for this question, but we are on Ubuntu 10.04, postgres, tomcat and the repo keystores were created using the shell script distributed with 4.0.e.