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Creating a SVN environment for developing

Question asked by fast3r on Aug 2, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2010 by fast3r
Hello everybody,
this post is quite about the Subversion architecture more than Alfresco, I know I should be asking in Subversion forums but I hope somebody can easily solve my doubts.
I'm not very practical with SVN, you can guess this from my next questions!

In a few words, I need to configure a subversion environment in which a few developers can merge their changes from the Alfresco HEAD in the same repository, but I want to update at any time the HEAD itself from the new Alfresco revisions, being able to merge our changes to any (eventually) freshly updated (added/deleted) files.

I downloaded a working copy from the Alfresco SVN Repository, but I'm not able to create a repository which can be updated both from the official repository and from our developers' working copies, merging any conflicting changes if necessary.

Hope somebody can help… thank you