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Lifecycle of a Document (Visibility)

Question asked by thestorm on Aug 3, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2010 by thestorm
Hey guys,

I'm struggling a bit over sth I guess should be very simple. As long as Documents arent approved by the workflow asignee they shouldnt be visible to the users. Thats not that tough since I can just move the Document to another folder (also thats kinda hack since I need an additional folder) But what if a user updates a document??? How can I send the new Version trough the workflow before Updating the approved one with the new draft?? I cant move it away since i need the approved version to be visible to the users.

If anyone got some ideas on this would help me a lot.


//PS: I know that I can take all permissions for a new document with javascript .. Im just struggling with Update of a document how to route the new version trought the workflow and keep the old one