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Setting up master domain in WCM

Question asked by winsenthil on Aug 3, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2010 by abhashree
Hi friends…
I need the steps to setup the master domain..
That is, I followed Getting Started with Alfresco Web Content Management tutorial 3.3 and created and deployed a web project successfully.

After deployment, when I previewed my website in the Staging Sandbox it opens an new window with the address:
Here sample is the DNS name given by me during web project creation.

For example, If I need to have a site with the URL say http://sample.portal.local, how to do this.
That is
            from                 to                  http://sample.portal.local

Do I need to configure this during my web project creation or any change in host file (Since I am using windows) is needed? Or is there any steps to set the complete domain without using www–

(2) Then where to view my published web site without using preview website option??