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WCM Web Project Publishing

Question asked by winsenthil on Aug 4, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2012 by jainkumar11
Hi friends…
I am using alfresco community edition 3.3g…
I created a web project and previewed it successfully.
previewed site URL (

I deployed my web project and since the deployment status is LIVE (successful), I need to see the published site.

Where can i view the published site. Can anyone say me the URL???
My Deployment Servers Configurations are:
Type: Live server
Display name: sample-application
Transport name: default
host: localhost
port: 44100
username: admin
password: admin
I am running both alfresco community edition and deployment receiver(3.3) in windows environment (same machine).

I have another question. My web project deployment status is successful.. But there is no files in
Company Home > Web Deployed >
Why it is so? Do I missed any configurations?
Kindly reply….thanks in advance….