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Problems with big acp export / import

Question asked by boutch55555 on Aug 4, 2010
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I was trying to export a relatively big space (70GB) on a server and I need to decompress (the ACP is only a zip file after all…) it to modify the XML to remove the thumbnails references (exporting from 3.2r to 3.3 crashes if I don't do it). The final ACP is about 35GB. I was able to do it for smaller spaces (-2GB), but for this one, I cannot unzip it. Tested on windows with winzip and winrar, and on Debian x64 with unzip (v5) and even with the SID package of unzip6. I also checked it with DiskInternals Zip repair, but it failed to find any of the enclosed files. Is there a custom way for Alfresco to handle the exports when the size is over 2GB (old zip limitation) ? Or perhaps, is there a way, with the javascript API to automate the export process and generate lots of smaller packages ? I can't find the proper way to migrate the instance from 3.2r to 3.3, that's why I have to use the export way.