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Question asked by irene08 on Oct 10, 2012
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Hi! Good Day!

"I will create a new workflow whether the task was approved or rejected is going to add an aspect to all the files attached to the workflow. Let's call the aspect 'workflowOutcomeAspect' and allow it to have two values: 'approved' and 'rejected'." I just read this in a blog and I want to apply it.

Do you know where should I add this? In what file? Thanks.

<constraint name="wf:allowedOutcome" type="LIST">
        <parameter name="allowedValues">

<aspect name="wf:workflowOutcomeAspect">
        <title>Workflow Outcome</title>
                     <property name="wf:workflowOutcome">
                      <title>Workflow Outcome</title>
               <constraint ref="wf:allowedOutcome" />

Thank you,
Irene :)