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Share Workflow 3.4 - add comment

Question asked by loftux Moderator on Aug 5, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2011 by shazada
I just tested the nightly build have some input to the design of the workflow dialog and how comments are added. I understand that this is very much work in progress and may already be considered.
Anyway, the way comments are added is pretty much the same way as in Alfresco Explorer, and is very confusing.

Lets say I want to approve, and add a comment when doing so. The dialog (part of it) looks something like this

|         |
[Approve]  [Reject]
[Save and Close] [Cancel]
What I by default do is write my comment in the textbox, and then hit approve button that is placed below the text box. But then the comment is not saved. What you have to do is write the comment, hit Save and Close, reopen the task, hit approve.
Hmm, why not a button [Add Comment], or save any comments in the textbox when Approve or Reject button is clicked. Or disable Task execution buttons whenever any metadata is changed, until data is saved, add a button to save without closing.
A more clear separation of Task execution buttons, and Task metadata management would be good, as it is now they are mixed up and creates confusion.