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searching with an uppercase letter finds nothing

Question asked by marco.altieri on Aug 5, 2010
I searched the forum but I did not find a post on this topic. "Searching" has something against me, today  :(

I'm working with a new installation of alfresco share 3.3.
I uploaded a document and I updated its description to the value "RESEARCH".

The search behaviour looks  a bit strange to me. if a search:
1) RESEARCH, it finds the document
2) RES*, it does not find anything
3) res*, it find the document

If I use the extended search of Alfresco web client with the constraint "RES*" on the description field I find the document.

Share is configured to use AlfrescoStandardAnalyser. This analyser uses LowerCaseFilter to normalise token to lower case.
I think that the javascript:

should normalise to lower case the searching "term" before using it to create the lucene search.
Is this a bug or I'm doing something wrong?