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Share workflow task edit page

Question asked by muralidharand on Oct 11, 2012
Hi all,
I'm new to alfresco ! and need guidence in the workflow task edit page.

If the workflow is assgned to group, by default all the users of that group will have the unassigned task in his/her Task dashlet.
If the user clicks the "Edit task" link he will be redirected to task-edit page, which is fine.  If the task is claimable then the page will have the "Claim" button enabled. At this status, I want to disable the buttons like "Accepts/Reject/Task done", "Save and close" and Status dropdown also.

I analysed the task edit page. It has three dashlets in this page (task edit header,Form and a data-loader components). Refer task-edit.xml file.
The Approve or Reject button is present inside the Form dashlet and task status (claimable,releaseable) information is present in the task-edit header dashlet. Now, how I can control the apporve/reject/task done button behaviour (like enable /disable) here.

What is the best way to achieve this?