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Which wsdl? provided by OASIS or Alfresco?

Question asked by nikes on Aug 6, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2010 by gclaussn
Hi all,

I am confused regarding which WSDL, XSD documents to use while generating stub classes for web services CMIS interface.

Do all CMIS compliant vendors use WSDL, XSD provided by OASIS TC?

When I generate stubs using Apache CXF for WSDL provided by OASIS TC, it generates JAXBElement for all java data types.

When I generate stubs using Alfresco 3.3g WSDL, it generates proper java data types, but for CmisPropertiesType
it generates method for getting properties as getPropertyHtmlOrPropertyDateTimeOrPropertyUri() instead of

Does it mean using Alfresco 3.3g we can fetch only HTML, DateTime and Uri type of properties?

It would be very helpful if any one can clarify my doubts.

Thanks for any help.