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Using Alfresco in retailer system

Question asked by cirruslogic on Aug 6, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2010 by cirruslogic
Can Alfresco be used to build an application like this, with some customisation, perhaps?
Nature of application:
We are a small retailer and we want our suppliers to log in to this application and view the orders we have for them.
They can sort the order by the product or by our branches.
The supplier will retrieve the order, fill up the quanties they can ship, in a web form, and submit a "reply" us.
Question is whether Alfresco can be tweaked to do this.
So we have an action, a business logic layer and a persistance layer to do this part.
There is also another part of the application where suppliers can deposit their new product listings to us.
And we can also deposit our remittances to them.
So this other part is about depositing and retrieivng documents, very much like what we see in Alfresco.
Can the earlier part be done easily?