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.NET API through webservices

Question asked by cederic on Aug 6, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2010 by mrogers

I developped in .NET an API around the webservices that excist for alfresco. This can be used lik en rich clients ,, silveright etc… .

I can now do allready some feutures like. check in check out. Versioning of documents. Insert / download documents etc, . A file browser in .NET etc. And a lot more

All this in a very simple manner like.

AlfrescoWS alfr = new Alfresco("endPointURL", "loginname", "password");

Document doc = alfr.GetDocument("noderef");


alfr = alfr.InsertDocument("spacenode","docname","bytestream");

Now I know many people try to accses alfresco through .net in an very easy way, but they stumble fast on the complexity of the webservies … . This can help a lot of dev by a very quick manner.

Now i'm not intend to spread it totally free. But I want some feedback of this should be a hit/success before I tottaly complete every aspect of the api and put in on the internet for a small fee.

By example with the api you could make very easy an office 2007 plugin that interacts great with alfresco.