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alfresco file trigger a process in bonita

Question asked by future_healthcare on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2012 by future_healthcare
Hi everyone,

I need to do one task in alfresco-bonita but i dont know if its possible but i really hope so

For example lets say that in my alfresco repository i have 3 folders


Now i want that when any file drops in alfresco it automatically triggers a new case (business processo) in bonita like this:
if drops in docs triggers case A, if drops in Images it triggers the case B etc.

The point is:
When some guy that is exporting files from ephesoft to alfresco, successfully places a file, other guy automaticly nows (from bonita) that a new process has started so he needs to validate that document.

If anyone can help me with this one i will be much appreciated! Thank You!