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Cannot change user attributes in 3.4dev CE

Question asked by gman on Aug 6, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2010 by gman
In 3.3g CE I can connect to LDAP-Active Directory and get information on users. Our AD does not contain email addresses, and does not separate First and Last name, so I have been going to user manager and making changes per user as needed for staff testing in Alfresco. I edit the first and last names fields and add the email address.

I cannot do this in Alfresco 3.4dev and it has essentially made 3.4dev unusable as without the email we cannot send notifications to users.

This issue, along with the memory leak issue I am now experience in 3.3g CE is going to kill our efforts to implement Alfresco CE and with the recent price quote I received for Alfresco EE, our likelihood of implementing Alfresco in an capacity are slim.