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Communication between Alfresco external Application

Question asked by gerhardk on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by gerhardk
I'm new to this forum, and have a question relating communication between Alfresco and an external Application.
The options for the direction "external Application"->"Alfresco" are clear, but for the other way i have no idea.

My aim: I have a Type defined in Alfresco, with some Properties - these properties do the configuration of the external Application. These properties can change during runtime, so the application should be informed about these changes.
Which tools or options are possible for this concern? I found something like the "File System Transfer Reciever", but i am not sure if this is the right thing for this.

I apologize for my bad english, and hope you do understand the issue.
Thank you for your help!

BR Gerhard