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Find out which tipe of workflow needed.

Question asked by nat on Oct 12, 2012
Hi Everybody,

I need your help with Alfresco workflows. Can you advice me, please, how many and what kind of workflow will be better to use?
There are requirements:
We have a web application where visitors can submit their questions. These questions should go to the Alfresco with the email notification to our team.
Then we have to :
1. send the full answer back to the visitor (he/she should have an access trough the webapp to see the reply, like a private message).  ?-Is it possible to use Alfresco or should it be on the webapp side?
2. start the workflow to add/approve/submit the answer for the search and being saved in the repository. -As I understood, this is the simple workflow, which Alfresco has. I have to create folders Draft/For Review/Submitted and set rules to these folders. 
The Q&A need to be tied as 1 thread (similar to email/forum threads) so that the full thread can be pulled if any part of it matches a search. - Have no idea how to do this on Alfresco side.

Can you advice me please, from where I have to start my project?

Thank you.