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Alfresco Siteminder

Question asked by alfsender on Oct 12, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2012 by alfsender
Hi All,

I am using alfresco with siteminder. When i hit URL http://host:8080/alfresco, I get siteminder login page.
After login to siteminder i will be redirected to alfresco home page, it does not ask for username and password again.
In this alfresco I have deployed sample custom webscript.

Now when from external application i try to execute above custom webscript (from java code) ,  in response i am getting login page of siteMinder. I am not sure what to do with this, please send your suggestion or code samples you have.

as of now i am trying to execute login webscript available OOTB, but i am getting login page of siteMinder only.

Thank You.