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Using distribution solr or solr alternative

Question asked by bopolissimus on Oct 15, 2012
Hello all,

Where I work, we're standardized on debian squeeze or the current ubuntu LTS, and for solr, we use apollo.  That's a debian packaging of Apache Solr with in-built support for master/slave replication, multiple instances of apollo/(i.e., solr) running on different ports, etc.  It's essentially solr with some convenience extensions (so it's completely backward compatible with solr).

I was planning to have alfresco use apollo instead of the solr community .tar.gz but then I see (on ) the claim that the solr that comes with alfresco has alfresco specific patches and that generic solr won't work.  e.g.,

As the picture shows, Solr version 1.4 is used and has been extended with code to talk to Alfresco. So if you are going to install Solr on a separate dedicated search box you need to download it from Alfresco download site and not from Apache (more information about this later on).

If you wanted to use a newer version of Solr such as for example 3.4, then that would be a bit of a problem. It would not be a simple task to upgrade, and Alfresco might not support you after the upgrade.

Is that accurate?  I should only use the solr that comes with alfresco and can't use a distribution provided solr (or solr equivalent)?  We've spent some time installing alfresco with distribution resources (distro java, distro tomcat, distro imagemagick and related tools, swftools built from source [because distro resources are thin on the ground for swftools]) because for production use this is how we'll deploy alfresco (for distribution upgrading of as many tools as possible, when security updates are required due to newly discovered exploits).

I'm OK with using the alfresco provided solr, but would prefer to use distribution solr or apollo if that's at all possible (e.g.., if solr as distributed by apache would work just as well as the alfresco distributed solr (

Thanks for any pointers.

Gerald Quimpo