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Few questions about Alfresco share functionality.

Question asked by nessajing on Aug 10, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2010 by stevegreenbaum
I have some missunderstanding in the usage of some Alfresco functions. Could you please haelp me with them:

1. How can I access "Edit Online" feature for documents? I've read "Editing your Microsoft Office documents online" chapter from Alfresco help. I use correct browser and doc versions but I can only use offline editing. Logging as administrator I'm unable to find anything concernin this feature. I also have tried different OS (Windows, Unix).

2. When I start the workflow and assign the document to some other user I can not find how to look at the result of this workflow. After the other user accepts or rejects the document this task disappears from his task list but I find no notification for myself. Where can I find such information in Alfresco?

3. Why "Wrapped Exception (with status template): Error during processing of the template 'get(properties) failed on instance of org.alfresco.repo.template.TemplateNode'. Please contact your system administrator." appears when I try to find user named "test"? Other names works correctly.

4. Does Alfresco have a feature to search documents by a part of a word? Currently search works fine but only whole words are accepted.

Thanks in advance!