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High level question about Alfresco from a developer

Question asked by planck_length on Aug 11, 2010
Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question (not sure which forum is best).

I'm a Java developer. I have a specific requirement and I'm not sure if Alfresco would fit my needs.

I need to develop the following for a client:

  • Provide a Windows File Share (CIFS server)

  • Be able to get a callback into my Java code whenever a user opens a file on the file share

  • My Java code may optionally update the file contents before it is served. Exactly how it updates the file contents depends on which user opens the file (so in the callback I need to know which user is trying to open the file)

  • I also need to be able to say that the file should open read-only, depending on a number of runtime factors (i.e. this isn't just a static setting based on username).

  • I'd like another callback when the file is saved

  • Another callback when file is closed (including if the client's machine crashes)
So from a user's perspective, they just open a network drive, and open, edit, save & close files as usual, but behind the scenes the file contents might be changed before they're served and read/write permissions set dynamically.

Can Alfresco do this for me? I know it provides a CIFS interface, but can I write callback code when files open/close via CIFS? If so, which part of Alfresco should I start looking at?